SORELLE is an advanced women’s chamber chorus with 20 to 30 members. Repertoire is varied in genre and style. 

​Rehearsals are held on Sunday afternoons.

Two seasons per year—Spring and Fall. $75 dues per season.

(Financial assistance available as needed.)

We listen to potential members throughout the year, and maintain a waiting list.



Include your name and contact information and list all music experience.

Include choral/vocal and instrumental.


Criteria for membership is vocal/choral experience and independent musicianship skills.

While Sorelle prefers experienced readers, we seek out good natural voices and intuitive musicians willing to work ​to improve reading skills.

AT YOUR AUDITION: We will ask you to sight-read, and do some brief exercises to explore your range and ear.

✔︎ PREPARE a 1 to 2 minute passage from any song

that you like to sing that demonstrates your voice well.

(This can be a solo, or from a choral work) 

✔︎ SING SCALES to demonstrate range

✔︎ SIGHT-READ a short simple melody 

✔︎ CLAP & COUNT short, simple rhythmic samples

✔︎ ECHO a few short melodic & rhythmic passages